About Us

Our Mission: Psychiatric Medical Care is a behavioral healthcare management company whose mission is to improve the function and quality of life for our patients and ensure highly collaborative partnerships with our hospital hosts.

We bring exceptional hospital-based geriatric outpatient and inpatient behavioral healthcare to rural communities.  

Founded in 2003, Psychiatric Medical Care (PMC) operates inpatient and outpatient programs located in rural communities across the country. Founder and Chief Medical Officer, James A. Greene, M.D., a geriatric psychiatrist, was born and raised in a rural community, which today hosts a rural hospital. He developed PMC with the sole mission to improve the quality of life of older adults living in rural communities. PMC, which operates the Senior Life Solutions outpatient program and Green Oak Behavioral Health inpatient facilities, is the largest geriatric mental health management company within rural hospitals across the United States.

Since 1992, our leadership team has been focused on improving the lives of our senior population and partnering with hospital systems across the country to provide the best possible behavioral health services. Click here to learn more about our leadership team.

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