PMC Founder, Dr. Greene, establishes his first company
Geriatric Medical Care (GMC) focused on the management of geriatric inpatient and outpatient care programs. During Dr. Greene’s tenure, GMC gained national attention and became the 5th largest behavioral health contract management firm before being acquired in 1997.
Dr. Greene is selected as a delegate to the White House Conference on Aging
He was the only psychiatrist named a delegate.
Dr. Greene is selected as a consultant to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
Psychiatric Medical Care is founded and opens its first Senior Life Solutions program
The first Senior Life Solutions program opens in the state of Tennessee. Senior Life Solutions is an intensive outpatient group therapy program designed to meet the unique needs of older adults over the age of 65 struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety often related to aging.
Dr. Greene becomes Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry for the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center
He was named the interim chair in 2005 and then, in 2008, permanent Chair of Psychiatry. Soon after, PMC became a part of the University’s inaugural Physician Assistant Program that allows PA students to gain insight on geriatric mental health within rural communities as part of the behavioral medicine curriculum.
J.R. Greene joins PMC as CEO
Having already made his mark at Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Revlon, J.R. initially assumed a consulting role at PMC in 2009. Whether it was the result of nature or nurture, J.R. Greene walked away from consumer products and services in favor of the family business. As CEO, J.R. transformed the company into one of the key innovators within the behavioral health inpatient and outpatient markets with operations across the United States.
Dr. Greene is elected to Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association
Dr. Greene has also served as chairman of the APA’s Committee on Long Term Care and Treatment of the Elderly and the Committee on Access and Effectiveness of Psychiatric Services, and as a member of the APA Committee on Psychiatric Administration and Management.
PMC opens its first inpatient behavioral health program
PMC’s inpatient psychiatry units provide evaluation and treatment for older adults, typically over 55 years of age, who are suffering from severe mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and behaviors related to dementia.
PMC opens its 50th program within the United States
Also in 2017, PMC’s CEO, J.R. Greene, received the Health Care Hero Award from the Nashville Business Journal honoring the city’s top business leaders in the healthcare industry.
PMC partners with Consonance Capital
Mitchell J. Blutt, Nancy-Ann DeParle, and Stephen McKenna join the PMC Board of Directors, bringing investment capital that will enable continued growth and the opportunity to help more patients across the country. Read more.
PMC receives Best Places to Work recognition for the third consecutive year
The Nashville Business Journal honored those who ranked highest among nominees in a survey of employees that measured 10 key engagement categories, including team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, and manager effectiveness
The addition of Integrated Telehealth Partners as PMC’s third division allows the company to provide timely access to behavioral healthcare for patients of all ages via telepsychiatry.