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Job purpose

The Medical Director provides compassionate, high quality healthcare to program patients. They provide direction and supervision of the clinical activities in an outpatient behavioral healthcare setting.

Duties and responsibilities

The Medical Director shall perform his or her duties in conformance with federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as in compliance with the policies of the Program, Psychiatric Medical Care (PMC) and any applicable accrediting bodies including, but not limited to, The Joint Commission ("TJC"), The Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (“HFAP”), and DNV GL – Healthcare (“DNV”).

Medical Director duties shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Monitor the coordination of physician coverage, so that the Program and its patients have adequate physician coverage always.
  • Monitor the maintenance and enforcement of accurate, complete, and timely patient and other records regarding services rendered in the Program, in an adequate filing system.
  • Shall be available at reasonable times for consultations with individual members of the Program's professional and clinical staff (the "Clinical Staff") and administrative employees of PMC.
  • Monitor the work of Program Clinical Staff and shall promptly notify the Program Director if any Clinical Staff member or other PMC employee working in the Program is, in the judgment of the Medical Director, incompetent or inadequately trained.
  • Participates for reasonable periods of time in educational programs conducted by PMC and shall perform such other teaching functions within the Program as PMC may deem necessary or desirable to assure its compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • In accordance with appropriate ethical standards, shall actively undertake to positively enhance the image and quality of PMC and the Program within the community served by PMC.
  • With the Program Director shall determine the required attendance and by what form (in person or telepsychiatry) by Physician at Program Clinical Staff Meetings.
  • Shall use the personnel, space, equipment, and supplies provided by PMC solely for fulfilling his or her duties.
  • Provide input when applicable in the recommendation of space and other resources needed by the program
  • Assist in the orientation and continuing education of employees within the program.
  • Work toward continually assessing and improving the quality of care and services provided. (performance improvement).
  • Provide advice and direction where applicable to PMC, Hospital & Program staff in maintaining compliance with accreditation standards that relate to the Program.
  • Medical Director must be enrolled as a participating provider with both Medicare and the applicable state Medicaid programs.

  • Goals and Metrics; Physician may use their own forms if approved by PMC and Hospital

  • Physician’s orders dated/timed prior to date/time on face sheet.
  • Admit order form complete, specific tests ordered, frequency (no prn), admit dx, dated, timed, signed.
  • Psychiatric evaluation completed prior to admission.
  • Progress note for each patient not less than every 30 days.
  • Change in diagnosis/treatment/medication/ by signed and dated physician order only.
  • Psychotropic Drug Consent (as applicable) completed upon medication change/addition.

  • Qualifications

    Valid License to practice medicine in the state(s) in which the Program is located without restriction or subject to any disciplinary or corrective action.
    Have all customary narcotics and controlled substances numbers and licenses.
    Board-certified or Board-eligible in the field of psychiatry.
    Status as a provider under any third-party payer program (including, without limitation, any HMO, PPO, IPA, private insurance program, Medicare, Medicaid or CHAMPUS) shall never have been involuntarily terminated, suspended, withdrawn, not renewed or otherwise restricted at any time for any reason, except as such has been disclosed in writing to PMC.
    Maintain unrestricted clinical privileges at the hospital where the Program operates

    Working conditions

    This job works from the Program

    Physical requirements

    While performing the duties of this job, the Physician is occasionally required to stand, walk, sit, use hands

    Direct reports


    ***This is an Independent Contractor position***

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