Tips for Embracing Transitions and Expressing Gratitude

embracing transitions

As the season change, we all stop and think about the time that has passed. We may be ones who embrace change, or ones who run from change, but change happens in nature and in our lives.

When changes occur, we are faced with many options — to fight it like the leaves holding onto the trees, or to let go and see where the changes take us like the leaves blowing gently and peacefully in the wind. The better able we are to accept change as a part of life, embrace the transition, and be grateful for the experiences and lessons that we had or will have, the more freeing and enjoyable these changes will be.

One of my favorites ways to embrace change and transitions is by expressing gratitude. Find friends, family, or loved ones you can each share what you are grateful for with. Share your gratitude for each other, or just in general.

Another great activity is to find someone your senior who you look up to or admire and ask what their life changes have been and what those changes have taught them, or have each person share one change they’ve experienced in the last year and what they’ve gained from this change.

Remember, life is full of change; embrace them, be grateful for them, and enjoy the new season of life.