Melissa Martin

Program Development Director

Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin joined PMC in April of 2016 as the Community Education Director.  In 2019, she became PMC's Program Development Director. Melissa is responsible for providing operational development and support to programs with a specific focus on community education and implementation of new programs.

Melissa began her career in a residential center for at-risk youth where she witnessed the impact of addiction in families and the stigma of mental health in rural communities. Inspired to do more, she became a registered addiction specialist.

For 20 years Melissa has dedicated her career to behavioral health and has served in a variety of capacities from addiction counseling to program management, but she specializes in engaging and educating communities.

Melissa's parents instilled the importance of community investment and encouraged her involvement in outdoor sports. She excelled at most, favoring archery and softball, and played one season of professional women's football with the Chattanooga Locomotion.

Committed to patient education, she is delighted to join PMC in their effort to raise awareness of resources and contribute to the increased quality of life of both patients and their families.